Polished Play

This is the company I created to publish iphone games under. I work as the designer/illustrator in conjunction with my very talented programmer friend.

Puppet Pals

Our latest iOS app. Puppet Pals enables simple animated movie creation to anyone. This app was also featured by apple. My favorite reviews have focused on it's ease of use, especially those from teachers and parents using the app to foster creativity in kids (youtube sample). Try it out, it's free. iTunes link

invisible links

Our first iphone game. It received some critical acclaim for it's originality and artwork. Was also featured by Apple Inc. as "New and Noteworthy". itunes link

Doodle Golf

Although Invisible Links was well received, we got a lot of feedback (from whinny wimps) that it was too hard. Instead of neutering the game for everyone, we created it's little brother, Doodle Golf. iTunes link

Cards of Good Report

A concept for a line of greeting cards celebrating good report cards.

Typography War

The idea here was to create a magazine spread in which the two sides of the ad become like a versus match, between two of the most ubiquitous fonts of all time.


Various samples of simple text designs.

Musician's layout

The intent of this piece was to capture the musician interacting in a unique way with her instrument, to convey her possessiveness and passion.

Wedding Videos

When I film a wedding I usually take the time to do some custom motion graphics. In this intro, I used cinema 4d for the 3d renderings and then Apple's Motion to composite the petals and leaves particle effects.

Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain website concept.

Personal Identity

When I created my own business cards and peripherals, I chose to clear up the one question that I field the most. Yes, I'm tall, I'm 6' 10".

Phazes salon

When phazes salon moved into their new building, I created a new streamlined look for their identity.

Photo Manipulation

I have worked for many years in the photography industry. Here are a few samples of products I have made for various clients (seniors, dance studios, etc).

3d renderings

These furniture renderings were created in cinema 4d as was the tv remote animation.


Trying to capture an extremely creative film like "Dreams" by Akira Kurosawa is very difficult. I chose the pink peach blossoms as one of the more powerful symbols of hope in the film to capture the film's essence. I used natural elements to form the text of the title, in a very NY school design style.

Simple Logo

Here's a simple black and white illustration that I created for a local construction company. No color, so I spiced it up a bit with and interesting die cut.

Velocity Internet Consulting

A 30 sec web video spot to go along with this corporate identity I created.

Cowgirl Restaurant

I created this logo and menu design to revamp the image of a SantaFe restaurant.